Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

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Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

Postby RobertG on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:25 am

Store bought inserts mostly dont work ! When you purchase custom made orthodics from a podiatrist, a mold is prepared to match the EXACT shape of your foot. This mold is used to create the custom orthodic. The custom orthodic must be worn in your shoes all the time. In your slippers all the time. Never walk barefoot. The custom orthodic provides even, balanced support for YOUR EXACT FOOT. Store bought inserts are never as effective. Custom orthodics are expensive inserts, costing around $400 for a pair that will last for many many years. When you wear them, you must put them into both of your shoes, even if you only have PF in one foot. You may suffer from PF for a long time, but wearing the orthodics will definitely cut down on the intensity of your pain. If you wear them always, and do the PF stretching exercises, and massage your feet at least once a day (with toes bent back), and ice your foot for 10 minutes when PF inflammation gets bad, and wear the splint at night, you will be doing the most you can do. Avoid walking when pain acts up. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR PF IS TO WEAR CUSTOM MADE ORTHODICS FROM A PODIATRIST.
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Re: Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

Postby ginapf on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:34 am

RobertG wrote: Store bought inserts are never as effective. ... THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR PF IS TO WEAR CUSTOM MADE ORTHODICS FROM A PODIATRIST.

hello robert,

with respect, i suggest you do a quick search of the internet or even of this board. many people (myself included) have found that the only thing their pricey custom orthotics relieved them of is a large wad of cash. i found an otc orthotic to be superior to the custom one. then i found something that eliminated the problem altogether, which also didn't come from either of the two podiatrists i consulted: yogatoes.

however, here's a podiatrist who recommends giving YT a try:
it's not a ringing endorsement, but it looks like he only got them a few minutes before the camera started rolling. contrary to what the nurse(?) in the video says, they can "fix the problem"; my happy feet will attest to that.

best, gina
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Re: Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

Postby BiblioSiren on Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:30 am

I think Custom orthodics can definitely help but in my case they turned out be part of the cause. mMy PF is starting to get better only after I stopped wearing my custom orthodics and put in the Smart Feet (which are over the counter). I saw improvement within days. I actually did this at the advice of my NEW podiatrist and thank god for him.....

Custom can work but you need to be really careful that they are indeed right for you. A good podiatrist will look at all your options before prescribing custom. be sure they do a full gait anaylsis and are willing to cast your molds and not scan them.
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Re: Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

Postby Kaelyn on Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:56 pm

Custom orthotics can work well, if they're the right ones, but one of the things that affects how well they work is your shoes themselves. How worn are they, how much slant has been worn into the sole, and how much has the interior support pad been altered by your foot? The custom orthotics can't take these things into consideration. Start with a good quality over the counter model. "Superfeet" is an excellent brand. When you put them in, take out the ones your shoes came with. (you wouldn't believe how many people don't) If you try 2 types, you'll get a good idea if they will work for you, and it won't be that expensive. If you have to go the custom route, (and sometimes it's the only way) make sure you put them in brand new shoes. Best of all get rid of it entirely by fixing the cause. If you've had severe ankle sprains, the resulting adaptive muscle shortening is probably to blame. Head to my website, I have an entire page on plantar fasciitis, how it forms, and what you can do about it. Then ask me for the guide, "Healing Plantar Fasciitis Without Surgery". It's free, and I promise I'll never spam you or give your info to anyone else. I've been doing medical massage for 24 years. I went through this, I did nothing but orthotics and massage, I'm free of it, have been for 6 years now. It will help you too.
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Re: Custom Made Orthodics, NOT store-bought

Postby hannah on Sat May 02, 2009 5:25 am

Part of the problem is that plantar fasciitis can have so many causes. I agree, though, that if your problem started due to faulty foot biomechanics, then custom orthotics from a competant podiatrist is your best option. You may need other types of treatment to address the pain and inflammation (if there is inflammation).
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